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Life vitamin soft drink is now available!!! 

A new hybrid of beverages formulated to enhance physical performance, increase concentration, improve balance, reduce stress, provide hours of long lasting power, strength and stamina for all generations and genders.

Stop worrying about waist-lines and counting calorie; why wait to feel great?

Grab a stress free Life today!!!

Having trouble finding Life in your area? Send us a request through our contact page, please remember to include a valid email address, zip code with your request.


For decades, professional athletes and superstars have injected a scientifically proven formula in order to reduce stress, maintain a high level of health and enhance physical endurance and mental performance during  rigorous exercise, excessive training and long periods of travel.

The secret blend containing vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients was only available to those individuals who could afford a nutritionist or a doctor to administer the powerful but painful injection...until now...

B12 Beverages has reengineered the secret formula into an affordable, great tasting drink which last  longer and does not hurt your wallet or you when you want to enhance or improve your performance in Life.  


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