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Vitamin Soft Drink


Life vitamin soft drink is naturally refreshing, nutritious and delicious beverage containing a proprietary blend of vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, super-foods and over 33 great tasting, all natural flavors.

Life vitamin soft drink is the smart alternative to energy enhancing shots, supplements, soft drinks and waters.

Life was developed by leading nutritional and beverage experts, scientifically formulated to benefit ages eight to eighty years of age;

Life is about making choices, make the smart choice... choose Life vitamin soft drink.

Calories & Carbs


Calories and Carbohydrates are killers and a major contributor to obesity among children and adults.

Obesity may cause depression, increased anxiety and possibly, lead to heart disease and other serious health related issues.

During Life's research and development stage, B12 Beverages made the conscious decision to make all of our products 100 Calories or less using real sugar with the exception of our Zero Calorie formulas which only contain sugar substitutes, tested and approved by the American Diabetes Association.

​Be Smarter, Live Healthier, Consume Life!!!

Nutrition & Hydration


Proper daily nutrition and hydration is an essential part of maximizing the brain and body's full potential. 

Life vitamin soft drink was designed to hydrate and aid in the replenishment of easily lost/expelled water-soluble vitamins which are not stored in the body but travel through the blood stream and are vital and necessary  for almost all  specific bodily functions, process and organs.

B12 Beverages does not use non-essential ingredients such as Taurine or large doses of Caffeine and Sugar in our formulas. This combination of ingredients actually dehydrates the body and depletes the body's internal energy sources and can lead to serious health risks. 

Life is sold everywhere you find  a Taurine Free Logo.