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Life Science

Vitamin B12 Injections


Professional athletes and superstars from young Justin Bieber to the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher... including Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Charlize Theron, Prince and Hugh Jackman... all have confessed to receiving regular vitamin B12 injections to stay alert, increase concentration, relieve stress and maintain a high level of health in order to keep up with their chaotic routines and schedules.    

B12 Beverages recruited nutritional and beverage experts, who have discovered the secret ingredients in vitamin B12 injections  and re-engineered the expensive, painful shot into a low-calorie, great tasting, cost effective, beverage fortified with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

How does Life vitamin soft drink work?

All of our formulas contain a scientific, proprietary blend of niacin and low levels of carbonation which aids in the deployment of oxygen to the bloodstream and acts as a transport agent delivering essential water-soluble vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants into the circulatory system allowing our ingredients the ability to enhance cellular and muscular targets producing effective positive results in physical and mental performance.

Life vitamin soft drink has the highest amount of vitamin b2, b3, b5, b6, b12 and the super-food "Peruvian Maca" which contains an additional boost of vitamin c, b1, b2, b12, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and 19 essential amino acids enabling you to receive the most out of Life.

No need to worry about consuming Life, our beverages are designed to help maintain hydration and formulated to loose what the body does not use... unlike supplemental beverages and shots loaded with massive amounts of caffeine, sugar and taurine (dehydrators) which can lead to severe reactions and in some cases deadly consequences.

How is Life vitamin soft drink different than an energy drink or shot?

Life vitamin soft drink uses large doses of vitamin b12 and maca as a source of energy. Our formulas do contain a small amount of caffiene. The caffeine contained in Life vitamin soft drink is less than the amount of caffeine contained in a 1.5 oz. bar of milk chocolate (less than 17 mgs) just enough, to stimulate and open the capillaries allowing vitamin b12 to hydrate and protect cells without depleting their protective, water barrier allowing energy to burn longer and cleaner, unlike...


Most energy drinks and shots which contain excessive and unnecessary amounts of Caffeine (80 mgs or more, per 8oz. serving), High Fructose Corn Syrup (160 calories or more, per 8oz. serving) and Taurine (1,000 mgs or more, per 8oz. serving) combined with other suspicious ingredients to provide a short lived, unsustainable burst of energy, lasting for only a few hours.

Caffeine and sugar are powerful, diuretic,  stimulants which deplete the protective water barrier surrounding the individual cells, causing the cells nucleus to be exposed, resulting in cellular dehydration and damage, commonly known amoung energy drink users as crashing and burning. Experts warn taking more than 250 mgs of Caffeine in less than a five (5) hour period, greatly increases the risk of caffeine toxicity, which can lead to severe dehydration, seizures, coma and in some cases death. Excessively using energy drinks is much like running a high performance engine with no oil, it will seize up, so be smart consume Life, don't let Life consume you!!