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Life Vitamin Soft Drink... Powered by Peruvian Maca... Organically Grown ​

Peruvian Maca Root is recognized by the USDA as Lepidium meyenii or peruvianum, a native herbaceous, annual, super-food, typically found at altitudes ranging from 8.000 - 14,500 feet above sea level in Peru, Bolivia and some parts of Brazil.

Maca is organically grown in Peru without the use of harmful herbicides or pesticides, since; there are very few pests with the ability to survive extreme altitudes and cold climates. A typical harvest can take up to 8 - 10 months.

Maca has been used for over 2,000 years and was so highly regarded during the Spanish colonization of Peru it was once used as a form of currency.  ​

Peruvian Maca Root is considered to be an Adaptogen. An adaptogen is  a new class of metabolic regulator which increases the ability of an organism to adapt to environmental factors and to avoid damage from such factors.  Environmental factors can be either  physiological (external), such as injury or aging or psychological (internal) such as anxiety.

An adaptogen must have a normalizing effect, i.e. counteracting or preventing disturbances to homeostasis brought by stressors and it must be innocuous with a broad range of therapeutic effects without causing side effects. 

Peruvian Maca is rich in dietary minerals calcium and potassium and contains the essential trace elements iron, copper, manganese, zinc, fatty acids to include linoleic, palmitic, and oleic acids and 19 amino acids.

Maca is a great source of vitamins B1, B2, B12, vitamin C, alkaloids, starches, phosphorus, saponins, terpenoids and tannins all of these properties contribute to work together as a natural hormonal balancer for both men and women, while boosting strength, stamina and endurance levels  and providing an overall sense of well-being.



Maca contains the following vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and the benefits of Maca.